How it works

It's easy! Rent a bike via mobile app or the on-board computer.


Step 1

Sign up on this website, using your credit or debit card.

Step 2

Download the Mobile App.

Mobile Apps

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Unlock & Ride
Using the mobile app:

  • Use the nextbike mobile app to enter the bike number and receive the unlock code
  • Enter lock code into on-board computer, press OK, and the bike will automatically unlock
  • Secure the cable lock in the holder at the basket and enjoy your ride!

Using the Onboard Computer:

  • Enter your phone number (1+area code+number) and PIN into the onboard computer


  • You are required to provide and wear a helmet when using a bike. Failure to do so, may result in having your access to the system revoked.


Mid-trip stops

  • Choose the parking option using the on-board computer and slide the cable lock through the front wheel.
  • Lock up to any bike rack or lock the bike to itself by inserting the cable lock through the front wheel.

Ready to continue riding?

  • To unlock the bike again, enter lock code from the app into the on-board computer.

Keep track of time
While your bike is parked, time continues to count. The time per trip is from the time a bike is checked out until it is returned to its home location. You will be charged for trips in excess of 3 hours.


  • Insert the bike into a rack at the same building you got the bike from, and lock it with the cable lock.
  • Choose the return option using the on-board computer and you’ll get a confirmation on the display saying “RETURNED” after just a few seconds.

No available racks? No problem! Just leave the bike next to the station and lock it to itself with the cable lock.

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